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This is the Automobile Section



We have a vast selection of vehicles.  Some examples are below.  For a full list of our vehicles please click on the Image Gallery.

click here for the new Image Gallery
(the old full gallery can be viewed here: full gallery)
New Facebook Page with pictures and soon to come videos!



Some of our Favorites

67 Acadian SD 72 Suburban 4X4 72 Chevelle rag
65 Acadian rag 56 Meteor ht 40 Packard 2dr



Can we help you find a car?  If there is a specific car you would like to purchase please let us know Mike can find almost anything you desire.

Would you like the engine rebuilt with quality parts and expertise needed for it to reach its stock form?  Or maybe you would like something high performance to move your car around. Or we can arrange to have all the body work done before you receive the vehicle.  Let us know, we will be more then happy to help you.

We have a wide selection of cars that can be viewed here, with more being added daily. Have a look around and have fun!!!

We have been working on a new image gallery that can be viewed here. The old image gallery can still be viewed. We also have a new facebook page full of pictures, and soon the page will have videos too.

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